Think you're a mini Travelpedia ! Love sniffing out interesting places and experiences that few have explored ! Can you travel the world by sitting on a desk !

Then your qualification and experience is secondary.

Come and join the most buzzing place and put all that knowledge to good use by creating some of the most unique and memorable.

Send your resume or a professional profile to and we'll get in touch.

SALES HEAD - will be responsible for getting in the business to pay everyones salaries and fund all our travel dreams !!!

MARKETING HEAD - you oh MARKETING GURU should help us come up with zany ideas to spread the word about our company and our trips.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER - big words = big responsibilities

FULL TIME FRESHERS - apart from ordering the sandwiches and taking the flak, full time freshers who love to travel can apply

CODERS / PROGRAMMERS - since this breed is an elusive one, we will pamper you and you will be the SUPERSTAR of our office

VISUALIZERS - as elusive if not more then the Coders, you too will get prime seating at our office