Our Unique Experiences

You don't just visit a place. You experience it. The Backpacker Co. creates backpacking trips with experiences that are unique and unforgettable and more often, hidden from guide books. This makes your memories your most treasured souvenirs.

Designed by Experts

Travel with your friends. Travel with a group or indulge in solo woman travel We've traveled as all three, so we know what's on your mind, your concerns and fears. Apart from great locations, we focus on safety and quality to ensure that your journey is as exciting as the destination.

Curated Groups

We usually bunch travellers with similar profiles. Our groups are small enough to give you your space. Large enough to make pub nights fun.

Solo woman travel

We're as cautious as the lone woman traveller. That's why our itineraries are shaped around centrally located hostels in safe neighbourhoods, daylight arrivals and city trips, a list of do's & don'ts and other in-built safety features.

Funky Hostels

Stay at a property which was once used as a Beatles recording studio. Experience exclusive art installations from some of the finest local artists in another. Apart from being safe, clean, centrally located and offering en suite, our hostels also have interesting stories. Be it about their history or their guests.

Free Time to go Explore

Always dreamt of lounging under a tree with a baguette and a book? Flexible day plans let you indulge in things you enjoy doing the most. At your whim and pace.

Experience like a local

Explore the city on local transport to get a bigger, fatter authentic experience. Discover hidden lanes teeming with flea markets, secret charms, ancient architecture, undiscovered pubs, ghost tours and other unusual haunts.

Free pre/post trip guidance

All TBC trips have an AIRPORT PICK UP service when you first land into the country. We understand how disoriented one can be after a long flight and so we ensure you journey in a new country begins on a comfortable note.

Travel like a Local At TBC

We try and get around the city using public transport. What better way to experience the LOCAL way of life! Taking this experience a notch higher are those talented subway and street performers who will leave you reeling for more!

Customised Holidays

Our backpacking experts love nothing more than customising trips for you! Whether you wish to extend your trip or plan your own backpacking holiday, we'll be happy to assist you. We know just the right tricks to help you get more value for your money and time.

Insider Tips

Get insider info on unravelled places to see, what days you'd get a free entry to museums, where you can gorge on the creamiest gelatos, juiciest burgers or get the best steals at thrift shops, flea markets and many more travel hacks.