Times Travel Show

19th March 2018  

Yogi Shah, Co-Founder of The Backpacker Co

 This February, we were introduced to the first edition of the Times Travel Show in Mumbai. It focused on India’s first initiative on Experiential and Sustainable Tourism and was also brought together by The Times of India and The Backpacker’s Summit.

We at The Backpacker Co were psyched about finally having a platform that spreads awareness about experiential travel. Yogi was invited to host a master class about ‘How to Backpack across Europe?’ where he shared his expert advice based on his personal experiences. He addressed some common misconceptions about backpacking such as: the need for proper planning, money saving tips, hostels and the preconceptions about them. We received a great response as many likeminded people were made aware about how travel changes your life and the easy way to do it – Backpacking.

Our director; Suchna hosted a master class about Solo Women Backpacking and also shared tips & tricks of solo woman travel. She spoke about safety precautions women should keep in mind while they travel, handy financial tips and some great apps women can have on their phone while they travel. It was an interactive session as we listened to some real concerns and queries women have about travelling alone.

Suchna Hegde Shah, Co-founder of The Backpacker Co

Throughout the summit we came across a bunch of great explorers! There was Prahlad Kakkar who spoke about Lacadives (the only dive operator in the country that offers diving in the Lakshadweep islands), Shubh Mukherjee, about his 30 day travel video -Trip With Me, Rashmi Chadha-founder of WoVoyage that concentrates on women friendly travel.

Panel discussion with some awesome likeminded people

Yogi moderated an interactive panel about the essentials of solo travelling. The panel consisted of Anahita Prasad (a solo cyclist), Pooja Maheshwary (slow-solo traveller), Rashmi Chadha (founder of WoVoyage), Shubh Mukherjee (Travel blogger), and Rohith Subramanian (Biker/travel blogger). The panellists’ experiences ranged over a wide spectrum. We not only heard some funny stories but also some hardships they overcame. We discussed how they first start travelling and what made them take that leap and the advice they could give some other people who are contemplating to do so. The 2 day summit was a great experience and platform to meet likeminded people with diverse experiences.

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