Our top 3 most recommended festivals in Europe

20th April 2018  

La Tomatina, Spain

1. La Tomatina

La Tomatina is one of the largest food fight festivals held on the last Wednesday of August each year in the town of Bunol (near Valencia) in Spain. Thousands of people make their way from all corners of the world to fight in what is known as the 'World's Biggest Food Fight' where more than one hundred metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes are thrown in the streets. The highlight of the festival is the tomato fight which takes place between 11am and 1pm on that day. This event has made its way through Spain’s summer festivals calendar with thousands of people flocking to this little Spanish town for this chaotic event. The origins of La Tomatina aren’t clear with several theories explaining how Bunol has become home to the world’s biggest tomato fight. In 2002, La Tomatina of Bunol was declared Festivity of International Tourist Interest by the Secretary Department of Tourism due to its success.

Oktoberfest, Germany

2. Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest is known as the world's largest folk festival (yes, it's not just about drinking beer).The German festival is now a worldwide phenomenon celebrating Bavarian culture and flowing pints of beer. Oktoberfest began as a wedding celebration more than 200 years ago when Bavaria’s Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on Oct. 12, 1810. The wedding was celebrated with multiple days of drinking, feasting and horse races. This then became an annual tradition. Oktoberfest celebrations can be found all over the world, but the main event is in Munich, Germany, where the Oktoberfest was held first. Oktoberfest is often associated with beer, but the festival’s traditions go beyond that. The beer tents, of course, provide drinks, but they also play only traditional Bavarian music. The original six Munich breweries still provide the beer. You can also catch people in traditional Bavarian clothing, dirndls and lederhosen.

Sziget Music Festival, Hungary

3. Sziget

Sziget Festival is a massive music and cultural festival taking place in Budapest, Hungary. This festival is said to have originated during the fall of the Soviet Union as a means to provide arts programming for students, the festival has grown into one of the biggest and most iconic in the world. Taking place in the 266 acre Obuda Island for one whole week every year in August, Sziget offers over 1,000 performances and has been labelled the Burning Man of Europe for its ethereal atmosphere.Annually presenting lineup consisting of the biggest names from all genres across 9 stages (and boat parties!), as well as an amusement park, chill out areas, a beach and more, the festival truly has something for everyone.

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