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Japan Sakura and Fall Foliage

Japan Sakura and Fall Foliage
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Didn’t Joey Tribbiani’s *Ichiban* lipstick for men make you curious about Japanese fashion? Didn’t the song Tokyo Drift make you want to go ‘fast and furious’ in Tokyo? Doesn’t the speed reaching up to 320 km/hr of the Shinkansen (bullet train) make you wanna experience it? Does the idea of cosplayed karaoke, cat café, ninja café, etc sound exciting and weird? Well, that’s what Japan does to you. You just can’t get enough!

This land of fascinating contradictions is bound to leave you ‘lost in translation’. Experience the quirky
culture, it already Tok-yo long enough!

Tokyo – the capital city is ready to leave you in a tizzy. From the chaos at Shibuya (the world’s busiest crossing), the unconventional themed café culture (from rabbits to robots), the bustling nightlife at the authentic izakayas (bars), go-karting on the streets to the mindboggling Digital Art Museum and the calm traditional Buddhist monasteries – Tokyo has it all and more!

Enjoy a hanami picnic during the beautiful cherry blossom season (in March) and experience literally FALL-ing in love with the vibrant colours of autumn (November) in Tokyo’s marvellous gardens.

Kyoto is a historic city in the cultural heart of Japan, where Japanese traditions and culture still live on in everyday life. The famous INSTA- WORTHY bamboo gardens, tea houses, ancient temples and ryokans (a traditional Japanese inn) are some of the amazing things in Kyoto. Were you intrigued after watching the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha”? Well, Kyoto is the perfect place where you can spot a real life geisha and also get an insight about their lives.

Kyoto city is a delight for the eyes during both the sakura (cherry blossom) and the fall (autumn) season.

Japan’s food and fashion culture is something that has taken the world by storm. The delectable sushi, ramen, the famous MATCHA green tea, the traditional “zen” cuisine and the infinite KitKat flavours are all waiting for you!! From the outlandish fashion style of the teenagers in Harajuku in Tokyo to the old-world charm of the kimono wearing geishas in Kyoto the dressing up culture of the Japanese is super intriguing.

PS – If you are lucky and blessed with a clear day, you can catch an amazing view of Mt. Fuji on your train ride from Tokyo to Kyoto!


Our recommended accommodations are centrally located, highly recommended hostels. These hostels are neat, clean and a great place to meet fellow travellers. Most have full service kitchens, Laundromats, apart from internet facilities and safe deposit lockers.

Accommodation will be in 8 – 14 bed dorms and en suite facilities will be available wherever possible.


Use the 7 day Japan Rail Pass for hassle free travel within Japan during your stay (valid for 7 days from the date of validation).

What to expect
  • Customized route plan.
  • Accommodation in centrally located, funky hostels in mixed dorms.
  • Off-beat, fun activities with our local guides in each of the cities to make your trip a memorable one!
  • Assistance from our expert travel consultants throughout your trip and must-do recommendations along with some off beaten ones.

** Get in touch with us for a more detailed itinerary.

  • International airfare, visa, and meals. Give us a shout out if you need any help!


We recommend an itinerary with 4 nights in Tokyo, and 2 nights in Kyoto.

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#whydoboring facts

Japanese trains are among the world’s most punctual: their average delay is just 18 seconds!

Japan has 5.52 million vending machines offering anything from soda to sex toys and live crabs.

The greater Tokyo area is the largest metropolitan area in the world, with over 35 million people.

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