All vacation prices are based on rates (including foreign exchange rates) known at the time of printing and expected to be in effect at the time of departure. Prices are subject to increase without notice if such rates change prior to departure. The current price will be confirmed at the time of reservation Tickets and other documents won?t be forwarded until full payment has been received by us.

(i) Bookings: To confirm your reservation, either a deposit of Indian Rupees Twenty One Thousand (INR 21,000) a NON REFUNDABLE AMOUNT for per person per tour must be made or the full amount must be made if the booking is done within 45 days of departure. Once the booking has been confirmed in writing by The Backpacker Co.the deposit is accepted as a first instalment of the holiday price by The Backpacker Co. Should you book the trip 60 days prior to date of departure, there will be an additional fee of Rs.5000/- per person, and 30 days prior will be another Rs.5000/- per person as the hostel rates, flight rates etc, go higher. 

(ii) Charges: The holiday must be paid for in full at within forty five (45) days of departure from your home country or if the Contract is made later than 45 days before the scheduled date of departure from your home country, it must be paid for in full at time of booking. In case you are making the payment through the demand draft or cheque the same needs to be drawn in the name of The Backpacker Co.

(iii) Revision Fees: If after your booking has been confirmed, you wish to change to an alternate departure date or you wish to change to a different holiday, you may do so subject to availability of bookings and itenary of new holidays availabe on The Backpacker Co. brochures and updated on the website . A fee of Indian Rupees Five Thousand (INR 5000) per person will be charged for any revision or alteration made to a reservation after the booking is confirmed, unless the change increases the value of the booking. A change of tour date, tour itinerary or resort booking within forty five (45) days of departure will be treated as a cancellation and normal cancellation fees will apply except when the change is to an earlier departure date of equivalent or greater value, in which case Indian Rupees Five Thousand (INR 5000) per person amendment fee will be charged.

(iv) Cancellation for Non-Payment : If the holiday is not paid for by the due date, the Backpacker Co. shall have the right to cancel the holiday. If the Backpacker Co., at the request of the Client, agrees to delay cancellation of the holiday and, if the Backpacker Co. subsequently cancels for non-payment, the cancellation charges set out below shall apply and be payable by the Client.

(v) Cancellation by the Client: Any cancellation of the holiday must be notified by the Client in writing to the Backpacker Co. If the Client cancels the holiday, the following cancellation charges are payable:

Period of Notice and Cancellation Fee:
    (i) More than 45 days notice: Deposit is forfeited
    (ii) 45-22 days : 50% of tour fare
    (iii) 21-1 days : 100% of tour fare
The Backpacker Co reserves the right to cancel the booking and apply cancellation charges if payments are not received within the above specified periods. All cancellation charges apply to each person covered by a booking. Any insurance premium paid is not refundable.

(vi ) Refund: The Backpacker Co. reserves the right to determine the amount of refund value in case of cancellation and amendments. The refund will be made in the name of the client. In case you have booked through a travel agent or a franchisee we will make the refund in the passengers name. It will take at least forty five (45) days to process refunds for all services. There will be no refund for under utilized services unless specified