All About Tbilisi

11th July 2018  

Tbilisi is the capital of the country of Georgia.

The beautiful capital of Georgia - Tbilisi

Things to know:

  • Georgians love their "ludi", or beer. There are several decent varieties on offer for about $1 a bottle? Kazbegi and Natakhtari among them? and some fine local breweries in Tbilisi.
  • Tbilisi's hipster scene is one of the coolest in Eastern Europe, if not the world, if coolness is measured by hanging out in impossible-to-find bars.
  • The most powerful man in Georgia lives like a Bond villain. His expensive glass mansion on a hill overlooking the old town features a helipad, a café inside a gargantuan rotating steel ball, and a $1 billion art collection, including paintings by Picasso.
  • While most of the food in Georgia like in all other old Soviet countries are heavily meat-based, but they also have some delicious vegetarian surprises. The best and most common dish which is also considered as the national dish is called Khachapuri, a "fluffy" bread with the centre of it filled with cheese in the middle and with an egg on top of the cheese again. The crust is a proper bread that you use to dip in the cheese.

  • Khachapuri, a local dish in Georgia

  • There are two types of homemade candy?s in Georgia, Churchkhela, and Taklpi. These are sold from old babushkas on street corners to big shops on the main streets. It's impossible to walk around Tbilisi without seeing a shop or two selling it.

The best time to visit Georgia is either side of the summer heat and winter freeze - in May, June and September.

Things to do:

  • Head to the bazroba (bazaar) and buy family-made wine by the liter or gallon out of repurposed Coke bottles or water-cooler jugs.
  • Supra feast: Loaves of khachapuri. A formal toast. A table so covered in small plates of eggplant with walnut, pureed spinach, chicken in nut sauce, and fried trout that you can't see the supra, or tablecloth. Welcome to the supra feast: named for the tablecloth so obscured by dishes and food, it's a traditional banquet-meets-dinner party that might celebrate a wedding, a death, a visit, or nothing in particular.
  • The Dry Bridge market in the old town, near Rustaveli and Baratashvili streets, is the best place in the city to buy souvenirs. You can stock up on jewellery from Dagestan, pewter cups from Russia, erotic postcards, Soviet gas masks and medals, fur hats, antiques both imitation and real, and mangy (and probably illegal) tiger skins.
  • Take a stroll through the old town: Old Town Tbilisi has over the recent years gotten a huge "facelift". These days, there's local art shops, wine houses, small family run guesthouses. You can spend hours getting lost in the old alleys and backstreet, just to find a small local bar or Kinkhali house.

  • Tbilisi's quaint Old Town

  • Take a Sulphur Bath: The famous Sulphur Baths are located in the Abanotubani district in the middle of the old town. The sulphur baths are an amazing place to relax for an hour or two, especially during the colder months of the year.
  • Visit the holy trinity cathedral of Tbilisi: There's no shortage of churches in Tbilisi or Georgia, you will never be far from one. The one you will see the most is the huge Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi or locally known as "Sameba". The construction of Cathedral was only completed back in 2004, so it don't offer the same amount of history as most of the other churches in Tbilisi. But the Holy Trinity Cathedral is impressive in so many other ways.

  • The well lit up Sameba in the evening

  • Visit the Mtatsminda Park for the stunning view over the city: Mtatsminda Park is the highest point surrounding Tbilisi, the park has a small amusement park, a Paris wheel (that's the highest point in Tbilisi), a lot of restaurants and small bars. It's a popular hangout for the couples in the evening to enjoy the amazing view of the city landscape.
  • The Mother Georgia is located on a high hill overlooking the city, you can either walk up or you can take the cheap cable car from the eastern part of the city. The ride is only 1 lari. You will enjoy a panoramic view while riding over the old town.
  • Tbilisi is considered by many to be the best clubbing city in Eastern Europe and almost on a level with Berlin. The partying and clubbing culture has become a lifestyle and music is a sacred thing in the city. There's also a club underneath the national football stadium. If you are not into clubbing, there are many local bars spread around the city, from small jazz clubs to pubs, frequented by the locals and foreigners, selling a glass of draft beer or glass of wine for 2lari.

  • Visiting a jazz club should definitely be on your list!

So, who wants to visit Tbilisi? Trust us, you won't regret it! :D #WhyDoBoring