Step up for an adventure vacation around the world and challenge yourself by running a race. For all the fellow running enthusiasts and passionate travellers, the run the city trips are for you! You don’t only just run the marathon, but also backpack across the country.

Picture yourself running through the streets of Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Prague and many more fabulous cities across the globe. The best part about running a race in a new city is being able to experience running through some of the most popular places in town

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Europe, consider adding on a marathon to your to-do list. We’ll make sure you have the best of both worlds. From partying in some of most buzzing nightlife cities to experiencing the endorphins popping by running through the city, this trip has it all!!

For the wild at heart, choose your city & race and leave the rest to us!



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Get Ready To Run Across Europe!

Go for it!