Trip NameDurationNext trip
Eastern Europe10 days11th August 2017
Spain & Portugal10 days18th August 2017
The Backpacker Hangover7 days1st September 2017
Croatia One Way Sail - Split to Dubrovnik8 Days9th September 2017
Oktoberfest4 days30th September 2017
Western Rocker10 Days14th October 2017
The English Eye10 days14th October 2017
Fire and Ice6 days20th October 2017
A Japan Express: The Spooky Edition7 days29th October 2017
Baltic Madness10 days24th November 2017
Chase the Northern Lights: The Backpacker Edition7 days 28th December 2017
The Dutch Illuminade7 days12th January 2018

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