October 2017

I was a first time solo traveler and The Backpacker Co helped me with all my queries. It was amazing! And yes I did get to see the Northern Lights!!!
The team was very helpful. Trip of a lifetime! Would definitely recommend them!

- Janaki Bandel

Prague and Budapest

September 2017

I recently travelled to Prague and Budapest. Was my FIRST EVER trip completely solo. I got team Backpacker co. to chart out a travel plan and the activities.

I cannot elucidate enough about their professionalism. They made a list of what i was looking to do and accordingly made a fabulous itinerary. Every activity that was recommended was super fun and the same time safe for a solo traveler .
I was in touch with them throughout my trip over whatsapp and it really felt as if the Backpacker co. had my back !
This was truly a memorable experience! Thank you so much for everything!

- Chaitali Doshi

Western Rocker

June 2017

Took the western trip and it was fantastic! The arrangements by The Backpacker & Co were perfect and all the local guides were really friendly and great to be with. Can't think of a better way to spend 10 days in Europe! Thanks to The Backpacker & Co! Looking forward to more vacations with you guys!

- Vinayak Mathur

Tale of 3 cities

September 2017

Heyyyy! I went on my first solo trip with the help of The Backpacker Co. They helped me with my itinerary and bookings for hostels and activities in each of the 5 cities I visited. Very prompt in replies and very helpful in planning my entire trip. It was amazing how I got a WhatsApp msg before every journey and activity I had there. I went for their travelers meet up some months back, I have to say this - they didn't sell their company at all. People who came there shared stories and networked for their next travel. It's been a dream to travel solo and these guys made it happen for me! Thanks a ton for everything.


#Whydoboring is going to be my travel chant for a while! I'd strongly recommend everybody to check these guys out!

- Sharanya Menon

Customised Spain

August 2017

I have been traveling with you for over a decade and totally love you! The Backpacker Co plan trips basis your need and it is a fairly open itinerary with enough time to do what you want to do! It's unlike others wherein they just fill your schedule with 20 things to do, but they do plan on things which interest you! Open to suggestions and help you with everything! Highly recommend!

- Amrita pai (Mumbai)


June 2017

"I had a really great time on this trip. Thank you so much for creating the itinerary in such a wonderful manner. The itinerary allowed me to travel solo as well as a part of group - just the perfect balance I was looking for."

- Akshina Gupta

Solo Trip

December 2016

Thank you so much for making my trip so memorable. Perfectly organised. Just the way I wanted it. All you guys have worked on this and made my trip possible and the best part... SO AFFORDABLE.

I am definitely looking forward to travel through you guys again. Very soon.

P.S Add a few more destinations

- Poornima Menon

Paris, Barcelona and Rome

February 2017

Hi guys, I have just returned from the Paris, Barcelona and Rome trip. This trip was extremely well planned by the backpackers co. Especially the hostels and the personal tours. I love the every bit of it. The hostels chosen by them are one of the top notch hostels and top rated hostels with great hospitality and comfort. The tour guides were also very knowledgeable and experienced. They helped us trying local cuisines and places. 

- Raj Kumar

Germany, Austria

April 2017

Our trip with The Backpacker Co. was an excellently planned, very well executed and an exceedingly fun trip. Kudos to The Backpacker Co!

- Yash Marda

Berlin, Prague, Vienna

April 2017

Looking up for a solo trip?!, The Backpacker Co. would be the perfect one to choose! Went for a solo trip for the second time with them, and had an amazing trip to Berlin Prague and Vienna, the hostels are excellent and safe the inter city travel accommodations to walking tours in each city were perfectly organized.

Anyone planning for a backpacking trip to Europe must go through these guys!

- Karishma Shah

Eastern Europe

April 2017

Hi friends, i took the Eastern Europe trip recently, undoubtedly i am extremely pleased with my decision to travel solo with the backpacker co expertise guidance, just pack your backpack and leave everything up-to them, you will have a experience of your life which you gonna cherish forever. I would also like to congratulate Saumya Tiwari who represented backpacker co and did her best to make our trip a super success.

- Rahul Kumar

Eastern Europe

April 2017

Well planned and managed. BIG shout out to The Backpacker Co for being super helpful, accommodative and fun :) Met some great people and made some new friends! Highly likely to travel with Backpacker again, real soon!

- Juhee Bhandarkar

Eastern Europe

April 2017

I did my trip to Eastern Europe In May 2017 with The Backpacker co. It was my first solo trip and I am glad to say that It exceeded my expectations.It was well planned and choice of hostels are the best. We were a group of 23 people and from beginning to end it was well planned and executed perfectly. I met with awesome people and I cherished their company as a co-traveler. It was one of my best trips and sweet memories of this trip remain forever. Thank you very much for the mesmerizing moments of my life.

- Sanjay Sharma

Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest

May 2017

It is perfect for solo travellers who have never backpacked before. I went with a dear girl friend and it was an amazing experience!

I did think that the Value For Money factor could be much better on finding out what hostels & intercity travel cost , however i would have still chosen to go for this trip all over again for the amazing group of people we met and the super energy.

- Majida Ukani

Eastern Europe

April 2017

One of the best trips I have been on. I can say this without a shadow of a doubt! Its difficult for me to come back to reality now. Very well organized and executed by by the backpacker co. Our Travel buddy/friend Saumya Tiwari from the backpacker co was amazing at handling everything. Highly recommended for other solo travellers seeking a fascinating trip to Europe!

#Fascinating #Mesmerizing

- Vinayak Chowdhri

Czech Republic, Germany, Austria

May 2017

Just returned from a fabulous trip! This is a great opportunity for solo travellers and The Backpacker co buddy who travelled with us, ensured we had a great time every single day of the trip. She was with us through out, guiding us and giving us tips on the best places to visit. I would highly recommend this trip for those who would like to head out and are not sure how to go about it.

- Raoul George

Eastern Europe

April 2017

I had been planning a trip to Europe for the last 1.5 years, looked at many itineraries, packages but I wasn't really convinced with anything before I found out about The Backpacker Co. I would rate them 5 stars on everything starting from pre travel research, planning and the actual execution of the trip.The trip wouldn't have been a success without our travel manager/buddy, Saumya who ensured everything was proper, she is a super fun person and now my go-to travel advisor for all future travels!

- Esha Gupta

Eastern Europe

April 2017

If you want to experience Backapacking, staying in Hostels, meet people from different countries and yet not miss out on any kind of fun? Then The Backpacker Co is one stop shop for all your needs. 

- Sanjana Jhawar

Eastern Europe

April 2017

From the best stay to the best of the places to see, I loved travelling with them . And yes how can I forget to the best of all people I had ! Real time big cheers to Saumya Tiwari ( With the normal stress face,lol ) who made it happen to be the best of all one would have ever expected ! Surely would love to travel with them once am reloaded for the trip again. To all those, whom backpacker has given Eastern Europe memories are a family now !

- Vandan Shah

Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Berlin

April 2017

I had an amazing experience seamlessly orchestrated and a celebration of life under the expert and passionate guidance of The Backpacker Co.I enjoyed the variation in activities, choice of hostel accommodation and restaurants, knowledge, commitment and general demeanor of our tour guide. There is nothing that I didn't enjoy...In my experience the best tour I have been on...Very good value for money.

- Vijaya Patil

European Hangover

May 2016

"Slept for most of yesterday and today! I'm feeling the opposite of homesick. If there is a word for that."

- Mikail Khona

Italy, France & Spain

May 2016

"We would like to thank you guys for the wonderful and memorable vacation we had!

We are really happy about the hostel picks and the transportation chosen for us. The location of the hostels, train and flight timings, hop on hop off, cycle tour were perfect and we only have praises for your great planning!

- Mahesh Subramanian