July 2016

"Hello Backpacker team!  

Sorry I've taken a while to get back - been busy catching up and getting into the daily routine.   

First of all, thank you to all at Backpacker Co for the fabulous organisation of the trip.   
From start to finish, everything went like a dream - from the information provided, to the hotel bookings, the sightseeing, the guides- Everything was organised seamlessly and without a hitch. The people we dealt with were all most helpful. It made the whole experience that much better - like visiting with family! 
I just adored the whole experience and am still savouring and remembering the holiday with a smile! :)

We were touched by the welcome letter at the hotel on arrival and also your enquiring after our welfare and providing an emergency contact number during the crisis in Turkey that took place while we were there. Thank you so very much!  Everything was peaceful where we were, and we were safe and comfortable, but that message from you made us feel so much better and put us at ease about what to do in case of an eventuality. God Bless!
We do look forward to travelling with you again and have been spreading the word about Backpacker amongst friends and family too!

I wish you all the best for your continued growth, success and prosperity. And please never lose the personal touch- I'm sure its what makes your company so special and unique.

- Sarah Osman


July 2016

"I had a great holiday trip in Europe and an awesome time in Iceland . Everything was perfect as expected . Now that I am back home safely I would just want To thank u again. 

All the activities were booked so perfectly in Iceland that I didn't even have to even think too much about it once I was there  .. I had ample time to enjoy and take in the beauty of each place everything like I wanted . Definitely I'm coming back to you guys soon!"

- Umair Masood

Backpack Spain

May 2016

"Thank you so much The Backpacker Co for sorting everything out so smoothly. You'll made this process so EFFORTLESS! Cheers! GOOD VIBES FROM EUROPE!!! "

- Parthiva Nag

Backpack Italy

June 2015

"The trip was everything that was promised - beautiful places, wonderful people at hostels, brilliant hostels and self-discovery too.

Two things that stood out for me were

- The choice of hostels

- Perfect mix of planned stuff and time to explore on my own

All in all, I think I discovered how I want to travel! I look forward to travelling with you guys again and soon!"

- Sria Majumdar

European Hangover

May 2015

"Slept for most of yesterday and today! I'm feeling the opposite of homesick. If there is a word for that."

- Mikail Khona

Italy, France & Spain

May 2015

"We would like to thank you guys for the wonderful and memorable vacation we had!

We are really happy about the hostel picks and the transportation chosen for us. The location of the hostels, train and flight timings, hop on hop off, cycle tour were perfect and we only have praises for your great planning!

All that we did was peacefully enjoy and soak in the spirit of each place. All in all it was a meticulously planned vacation given to us on a silver platter!

We would love to explore the eastern side of your Europe some day. Inspired by Yogi and Suchna's Japan Her way His way, maybe that will be our next destination. :)"

- Mahesh Subramanian

Western Rocker

July 2014

"Hi guys,

First, thanks for the awesome and well planned flashpacking trip to three great countries. I wouldn't have taken the life changing decision to go on this trip, if not for your "Girlfriend Getaways" (perfect solution to my "quarter-life crisis" : ) Thanks for answering all the endless questions and for the all the support before and during the trip from end (the idea of solo travel was a little unnerving).

Second, super flexible itinerary. Totally perfect for a person like me. The chance to wander off on my own with the comfort of a group at the end of the day. It was good fun with the group on the bicycle tour and intercity journeys, but it was also great to do stuff on my own like the Paris Opera, St.Oeun flea market, the classical concert at Sainte-Chapelle.

Third, great choice of hostels. Thumbs up for great location, clean sheets, rooms and loos( the opposite of all the stuff written abt hostels online). The hostel staff were extremely helpful in all the hostels and they all had coffee vending machines in their lobbies( total life saver!!! : ) P.S. Loved the hostel in Barcelona!!!!

Thanks again to all the people at BackpackerCo for the great trip!! Looking forward to planning many more trips with you in the future :)"

- Keerthi Lakshmanan

Italy France Spain

June 2014

"Hi All

Both Twinkle and I had a wonderful time in all three countries through The Backpacker Co. The whole backpacking experience is something completely different from a normal vacation, and better one in our opinion when compared to a guided tour, since we had the option to do what we wanted when we wanted. The hostels that were booked for us were awesome (especially Barcelona and Florence) and the overall experience was wonderful!!

In a way, it felt a little like going back to India (since we now live abroad) and hanging out with friends due to the time we spent with other backpackers travelling through the three countries.

Kudos you guys!!"

- Keyur and Twinkle Patel

Italy France Spain

March 2014

"Dear Backpacker Co Team,

The first day river cruise and dinner in Paris was just perfect and relaxing after the long and tiring flight and it was good getting to see the city all lit up at night. The hostel was perfect, very central and the dorm room, roommates and hostel staff were great too. The days spent in Paris were perfect and I got to do everything at a comfortable pace and even managed explore on my own.

Barcelona and Florence were beautiful. The bike tour in Barcelona was just as described by the itinerary and really fun. The Chianti wine tour was very scenic and the rain there made it even better!

Overall it was a very comfortable and memorable trip all through. I found nothing lacking in any of the services that you arranged for. The transfers, the choice of hostels, the tours etc. were all good. You guys are doing a great job, keep at it! I look forward to going for a holiday through your group again so your travel voucher is a welcome bonus. Thanks again and wishing you all the best."

- Mohammed Sadiq

Eastern Europe

May 2014

"I am totally thrilled by the experience of the Eastern Europe trip that was arranged by The Backpacker Co team. It was fun and interesting right from sharing dorms with travellers from around the globe to club hopping to biking all over. The hostels were simply amazing and all centrally located, it was very convenient to reach anywhere from my hostels and I could get-in and go-out at any hour of the day.

Moreover, I never thought I would end up saving so much on my accommodation and intercity travel expenses that could afford me an overwhelming and enchanting Opera experience as well.

All thanks to The Backpacker Co team for transforming me in to a complete FLASHPACKER!"

- Somika Mohapatra

Backpack Europe

April 2014

"The trip was fantabulous! My friend and me had a great in Europe. And thank you Backpackers, esp. Malavika for making this happen hassle free. Backpacking was an experience in itself and backpacking in these beautiful cities made our trip a great adventure.

Our favourite hostel was in Amsterdam! Even the hostel in Florence was so charming, and the restaurants recommended were fab. The Barcelona hostel was really run professionally, best part being some few free tours organised by the hostel for their guests!

I must say the tours that backpacker co booked us onto were really fun and interesting. We had a great time. Biking tours are a great way to get familiar with a city. Our favourites were the Barcelona biking tour and red light district tour in Amsterdam!

The trains and flights were all comfortable.

Thank you again for everything!"

- Apoorva Cheruku

Europe in the Winters


"I had a really nice chilllllly trip - just the kind that I wanted :) and in large part it went well because you had organized it very well. I was very happy with the hostels -- now I wonder why I never tried them before! :).

Thank you solo much!"

- Rabia Fathima

Backpack Turkey

April 2014

" The trip was fantastic. The backpacker co team gave a lot of helpful suggestions for our trip and planned our trip really well. The Mallorca and Turkey Hostels were the best we have stayed at and we could give these hostels a 10 on 10.

Everything else was also fantastic, stay, internal travel, etc. Turkey was absolutely fabulous! From one window we had a view of the Blue Mosque while from the other the view of the city. Our room was like a doll house and we could still run back to stay there! All the accommodations were very well located.

Thank you for planning our trip!"

- Archana Iyer and Abhishek Raghavan


"Thoroughly enjoyed my trip with the Backpacker co. all the hostels booked for me were very comfortable and extremely fun places to be put up at. Liked that we were given our own space and time to sightsee and explore. Also very pleased with all the rail bookings for internal travel.

All in all I had a fabulous experience and would definitely book trips through you guys in the future."

- Raissa Cherian


"It was a very well planned trip. Disha was very helpful and it really helped having her there and the trip being an escorted one. All the hostel bookings were great and all very centrally located.

Even the table bookings for Oktoberfest were great! The entire Oktoberfest experience was amazing.

All the information given prior to the trip like the dossiers, information for Oktoberfest were very helpful.

I have only positive feedback and will definitely travel with you guys again!"

- Anand Rajagopalan

Backpack Europe

"I recently took a solo backpacking trip to Europe with no pre-decided schedule. I wanted to keep it flexible so that I could explore the locales as I wished and at my pace. The Backpacker Co. team arranged excellent, safe and centrally-located accommodation for me, and booked all the inter-city travel by rail/ bus. They also shared a very helpful dossier that included useful tips, key attractions, and restaurants known for their local cuisine.

Suchna and her team were very responsive and enthusiastic. I would definitely recommend The Backpacker Co. to anyone who needs assistance with their holidays that are not run-of-the-mill."

- Prajakta Kotasthane

Backpack Europe

"Seeing the whole world has always been my dream, and traveling to Europe was my biggest fantasy... The Backpacker Co. has made my dream come true in the best possible way, by giving me company for my Euro adventures, 6 beautiful people, who are also sure to be our lifelong friends!! I am a big fan of The Backpacker Co. & Yogi and Suchna & I really hope I can work with them some day!! N travel too....!! :)"

- Virali Vora


"You made travelling so easy for me on my so called "Alone yet adventurous? German trip in July, I am really grateful. Knowing there?s so much to do and plan for a trip, got to know how much there is that a planned person can miss out on!

Right from train tickets to bus routes within cities, the guidance Gale from your team provided about the local rules you gotta follow at certain times in Europe really shows attention to detail. Tips were really helpful, saved money and time!

I need more help from you for all the travels in future, because you have made me realize...

I LOVE TRAVELLING! You guys are awesome!

I just wanted to say thanks for all your work. Our trip was FANTASTIC. It was perfect and i loved every minute of it and i will definitely recommend you to everyone i know (i have already begun singing your praises). val said to let u know that if u ever need anyone to lead a trip to these places do think of us we now know our way around really well."

- Johanna and Valerina Braganza