Someone once said, 'If a landmass can be said to be sexy, then Europe is the one.' For years, it was a rite of passage for the blue-blooded youth to take a tour of the continent, staying in the best hotels and getting pampered. It was wonderful... assuming, of course, you were of blue blood. Those days are gone.
Now anyone with a small pool of cash and some media smartness can manage to know Europe, up close and personal.
All you have to do is strap on a backpack and go where the European winds take you. Not only is backpacking across Europe tons cheaper than being a Tourist (with a capital "T"), but it also makes you sound really cool and adventurous. Backpacking with us is a totally new and refreshing approach to the ordinary and mundane way of travelling.

We are WITH you whilst not breathing down your neck and 'herding' you all the time. With us, you travel in a group of like-minded people from India, whose average age is between 20-40 years and come from professional backgrounds.
They are foodies, amateur photographers, bloggers, tweeters, bankers and lawyers, etc Our group consists of singles as well as a bunch of friends, travelling together. Before we leave we have a meet-up, where over a couple of drinks you get to know your fellow travel buddies.
Though our trips are not led by a 'guide', we have a pick-up arranged for you at the airport when you land, to see that you are safely escorted to your hostel. All our hostels are centrally-located within 5 minutes of railway stations so no need to go wandering around aimlessly.
Our costs, include some awesome ways where you can discover the city through the eyes of a local and these activities vary from city to city.


Trip NameDurationNext trip
Tale of Three Cities10 days29th September 2017
Oktoberfest4 days30th September 2017
Western Rocker10 Days14th October 2017
Fire and Ice6 days20th October 2017
Eastern Europe10 days11th November 2017
Backpack Italy, France & Spain10 days24th November 2017
Chase the Northern Lights: The Backpacker Edition7 days 28th December 2017
Backpack Spain & Portugal11 days29th December 2017

Get Ready To Backpack Across Europe!

Go for it!