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You don't just visit a place. You experience it. The Backpacker Co. creates backpack travelling with experiences that are unique and unforgettable and more often, hidden from guide books. This makes your memories your most treasured souvenirs.

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Imagine backpacking Europe and staying in a hostel that was once a prison cell.

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What tops our list of hostels !

First-hand experience from our team, friends, travellers and other reputed travel audit companies.

Special offers and discounts which could include anything from price-offs to maps to Happy Hours, special events and live gigs.

Choice of rooms according to your comfort which includes dorms that accommodate 6-8 persons or private rooms.

High standard of hygiene, service and safety from clean rooms and bathrooms (mostly en suite) to common areas to safety lockers.

Interactive spaces such as lounges and common rooms which let you interact with fellow travellers from across the world.

Free Wi-Fi to upload live feeds regularly back home and make your friends jealous.

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